Add and Configure File Storage

Add and Configure File Storage

After the FX appliance is installed and licensed, you must add and configure storage. The type of storage shares you can create are:

  • Source Files (required) – contains files that FX will scan
  • Quarantine (required) – contains files that FX has scanned and determined malicious
  • Good/Whitelist/Unknown (optional) – contains files that FX has scanned and determined safe or non-malicious

If you choose not to define optional storage shares for Good/Whitelist/Unknown files, then these files will be left in their original folders after being scanned.

To add a new storage share, go to the Storage page and click Add Storage. You may edit or delete existing Storage using the icons in the Actions column.

Add Configuration Storage
  1. Add a name for the storage. This name will be listed in the Currently Configured Storage table, under the Name and Share columns.
  2. Choose the protocol. Use CIFS or NFS. If you are connecting to SharePoint, use WebDAV or Secure WebDAV for https traffic.
  3. Enter the path to the server. In this instance, it’s
  4. Enter the name of the storage share on the server. This could be for a Source Files share containing files that will be scanned or a Quarantine or Good/Whitelist/Unknown share where files will be moved after being scanned.
  5. Enter a valid username and authentication password for access to the server file share.
  6. Define the type of file share.
    • Files – source files
    • Quarantine – malicious files CAUTION Good/Whitelist/Unknown files cannot be stored in the same folder as quarantine files.
    • Good / Whitelist / Unknown – individual groups of files that are considered non-malicious
  7. Click Configure Storage to add the new storage.
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