Using the Scan Wizard: Filter the Scan

In step 2, you create scan filters. All scan types can be filtered to optionally include or exclude (Whitelist) specific files from being scanned. Check all the boxes that apply to filter the scan. The default is to scan all files if no files have been selected. You can define the period of the scan from any date in the past until the day of the scan.

Check all file type filters that apply to the scan. If none are selected, then all file types will be scanned.
Check boxes that match file types you do not want scanned. These will be moved to the Whitelist folder.


From the drop-down calendar, choose the date for which you would like this scan to start. The date will be the date the files were placed into or modified in the Source Storage and not the date of the file. Click Next to continue.

wizard with calendar
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