Deployment Modes

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the deployment modes of the FX appliance. There are two deployment mode options for the FX: Standard or Integrated deployment mode.

  • In Standard deployment mode the FX operates as a stand-alone device.
  • In Integrated deployment mode the FX is connected to the FireEye CM, the Central Management appliance. The CM manages all FireEye appliances in the network and provides an integrated defense architecture. The CM uses event correlation to protect against coordinated malware attacks.

The FX accesses network files remotely, so it can be deployed anywhere within the network. The only requirements are:

  • remote access to the enterprise network
  • access to directories within that network
  • ability to mount a directory share within the file system
  • For network shares and WebDAV content stores you will require a valid username and authentication password to access the content to be scanned.

The FX exchanges data with the Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud about threats detected within the FireEye community.

Because the file appliance uses a network gateway to access the file system, share access must be resolvable through an IP address. This gateway IP address must be specified during initial configuration.

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