Selective File Scanning

To save time, you can filter certain types of files or directories for the FX to scan or whitelist. It does a thorough analysis of each file submitted to the MVX engine.

Use case: Companies can choose to scan only selected file types and/or directories that contain sensitive information.

Hard Drive Scanning

Hard drive scanning is very commonly used by incident response teams. The FX can detect a particular server demonstrating malicious behavior. It will recursively scan network appliances.

Use case: A computer forensics team may choose to scan infected computers to identify malware not found by end-point AV software.

File Upload Portal

You may have a temporary data storage that you want to make sure is clean before you transfer files into your permanent environment.

Use case: An insurance company may have a portal for customers to upload photos to attach to an accident report. The FX can scan this temporary location before files are copied to internal systems.

Clean Backup

The FX has the ability to scan files and folders before you back them up to ensure the data is clean. This may become a best practice for an IT team.

SharePoint Scanning

Using WebDAV or Secure WebDAV you can scan your organization content stores.

Use case: The FireEye FX series scans content to alert and permanently quarantine malware discovered in SharePoint repositories. The platform leverages WebDAV protocol to securely integrate with SharePoint services to protect enterprise business workflows utilizing SharePoint repositories.

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