DTI Network Settings

During the JumpStart you said “Yes” to enabling a FENet service, enabling the FENet license update service. This will set you up for the default services to the DTI network. The details for the routing to the DTI or CDN will be set for you by default and is set to CDN with the address of cloud.fireeye.com. You should not need to change this unless instructed by your FireEye support and then only if you’ve been experiencing connection issues due to your proxy firewall or some other corporate internal network settings. You will see on the DTI Network settings the security content service settings. By default the appliance will call FENet to check for a new security content every 15 minutes. Although this timing can be change in the CLI. It is not recommended to do so. At the same time as checking on security content the appliance will also check for any change in licenses.

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