FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence

the fire I dynamic threat intelligence. The hors D T. iCloud collects sanitize security content or threats and real time statistics about the overall health of each system and shares them in three ways. It’s important to note that the collected security content on Lee relates to malware malicious activities no private data has ever shared. Local sharing means the local appliances share auto generated rules with the D. C. iCloud cross enterprise sharing means that if your appliances managed by the Fire I Central Management Central Management distributes new rules among locally managed appliances on the network within approximately five minutes and global sharing for threat information shared to DT iCloud fireeye threat. Analysts review the rules and proved them to identify a broader range of threats. These updated rules are shared toe all fire I appliances throughout the world via the DT iCloud by default appliances received security constant updates every 15 minutes. However, the update frequency can be adjusted if desired.

FYI recognizes that some clients may not be able to share intelligence from their appliances. However, all customers using either a one way or two way sharing license, I

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