Integrated and Distributed Deployments

Now that you’ve learned about some of FireEye Network Security’s key functionality and product components let’s look at FireEye Network Security’s flexible deployment options. FireEye Network Security is available in a variety of form factors, deployment and performance options. FireEye Network Security is typically placed in the path of Internet traffic behind traditional network security appliances such as Next-Gen firewalls, IPSs’ and secure web gateways and should be placed as close to the users as possible on the LAN side of the firewall as shown here. The integrated Network Security deployment option uses a standalone all-in-one physical or virtual Network Security appliance with the integrated MVX engine Analysis Service to secure an internet access point at a single site. The solution is a client list platform that doesn’t require rules, policies or tuning. Some customers require a distributed Network Security deployment solution. The architecture has multiple network security appliances using a shared MVX Engine Analysis service to secure internet access points within organizations to provide the most flexibility and automated load balancing.

In this deployment solution network smart nodes, which can be either physical or virtual appliances, are used to analyze detect and block malicious internet traffic. When a smart node detects suspicious activity it submits it over an encrypted connection to the shared MVX smart grid for further inspection and a definitive verdict. The MVX smart grid is essentially located on premises set of VX appliances used only for MVX engine analysis. Which is highly effective for load balancing. Network smart nodes can be onsite or remote in this deployment. Customers also have the option of using FireEye hosted cloud MVX instead of the on prem MVX smart grid. Cloud MVX is a secure subscription service that analyzes traffic coming from the network smart nodes in your network. The main benefit of the distributed Network Security deployment is a scalable architecture that allows the MVX service to support one network smart node to thousands and scale seamlessly as needed.

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