There are five tabs on the screen. The first, ‘Summary’, is where you will create notifications. The other four tabs, ‘RSYSLOG’, ‘SMTP’, ‘SMNP’ and ‘HTTP’ are the individual settings for each type of notification you wish to have sent. Until you configure at least one of these tabs no notifications will be sent from the appliance. To set these up individually you’ll need to navigate to each tab. RSYSLOG settings include the format and the settings of the RSYSLOG server itself. RSYSLOG settings include the format and the settings of the RSYSLOG server itself. You will have been required to set the server to accept incoming traffic from the IP address of the appliance the S.A.T. settings are not too dissimilar from the settings used with the system events first set up the SRM teepee relay server ensure you have set the server to allow the email from the appliance to be relayed. Next set up the recipients of email choosing which events you wish to send. If you don’t want all events sent to a recipient you may choose to create two or more entries for the same recipient. Once for each event type with as an MP before you set up as an MP trip sync you must choose your event delivery and version then download the MIB file from the appliance. You then need to upload the MIB file to your as an MP manager system. The manager will use the contents of the S&P file to interpret the incoming messages from the network security server after you have set up the S&P manager then you should return to the notification setup screen and add a new S&P trap sink in the appliance to start to receive the data for HDTV like the other services you will first need to set up the receiver on the HDTV server in the settings screen for HDTV set up the default provider to suit and format you wish to use to send the IP s data. After applying the settings click add TV server and configure the information required including your URL user and password and authentication type. Finally click add new HDTV server to complete the process. Once the settings have been completed it’s time to check the configuration and ensure you receive test data. You may also wish to set up a daily digest email on the summary screen. For this demonstration I set up notifications by email using S.M. T.P. from the drop down menu shows malware callback and clicked send. The resulting email gives you top level information about the event it’s Verdi type in the protocol. Further information on the source IP addresses imports. A link in the email we’ll take you directly to the alert in the appliance. In the appliance the full details of the alert host and in this instance callback activities can be viewed in more depth.

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