Central Management

You’re FireEye Network Security server can be managed by a Central Management server or CMS. To have the CMS manage updates, licenses and settings there is a three stage process to follow. First the CM must have a user added with full admin control and a different password to the admin account. Although you could use the CM admin username and password, if someone changed the admin password on the CM the network security server will lose access to the appliance. The Network Security server should also have a user just for the CMS connection.

Second, from the Network Security server complete the form on the CM network setup screen using the IP address from the CM and the username and password of the newly created user. The default port is normally 22 and if behind the NAT the checkbox needs to be checked. By clicking ‘send request’ you will initiate a connection request to the CM. The third and final step is completed from the CM by the CM administrator by accepting the connection request. Before we move to setting up users roles and notifications in the next session you should check at this stage that the deployment so far has been successful. This is achieved by running a set of deployment checks from the ‘About’ menu. There are two sets of tests to run. First, you should click on the ‘refresh DTI cloud and detection verification check’ button followed by the ‘health check for received network traffic button’.

In each of the detection verification entries you can use the action gear to run a new check.

In the network deployment table check the status to see if it has a success result.

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