Trellix Network Security for System Administrators

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Welcome to the FireEye Network Security Server Edition Deployment and Administration course. I’m John Dianni, one of the senior technical trainers here at FireEye. In this course I’ll introduce you to FireEye Network Security and discuss various product components, key functionality and deployment considerations. Then we’ll walk through the initial configuration steps of the FireEye Network Security and review various diagnostic checks in the web UI to ensure the appliance is running as expected. Lastly we’ll review the administration settings and the network security Web UI. Let’s get started.

This entry-level online course covers deployment options, basic administration and core functionality for Trellix Network Security (NX) appliances.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Deploy, install and configure a Trellix Network Security appliance
  • Administer Trellix Network Security appliances
  • Identify potentially compromised hosts

Who Should Attend

Network security professionals, incident responders and Trellix administrators and analysts who must set up or work with a Trellix Network Security.


A working understanding of networking and network security, the Windows operating system, file system, registry and use of the command line interface (CLI).

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