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File Protect Scan Results and Analysis

In the last lesson, you learned how to configure storage and file shares, run on-demand scans, and schedule recurrent scans on the File Protect appliance. In this lesson, you will learn how to review the high-level scan results as well as the scan results in detail. Lesson Objective Review the file scan results.

Threat Management

In the Appliance Introduction lesson, you learned how the Central Management consolidates management and sharing of data across FireEye appliances. This data sharing is reported as correlated alerts and escalation of critical data on the Web UI of the Central Management. Objectives: Use the Central Management Web UI to analyze threats detected by FireEye: identifying appliance-specific pages …

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Appliance Introduction

This section introduces you to the features and benefits of the FireEye Central Management (CM) appliance. Objective: Describe the features and benefits of the FireEye Central Management appliance.

Submissions and Analysis Results

In the previous lessons, you learned that malware samples can be submitted to the Malware Analysis appliance by using the automated batch malware analysis feature. You also learned how to perform general configuration tasks. Now your Malware Analysis appliance is properly configured and ready for use. Lesson Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you …

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Malware Analysis Deployment

The first step in installing an FireEye Malware Analysis is selecting the deployment mode that best meets your needs. Then, you can configure the appliance properly in your existing network setup. Lesson Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you will be able to: Identify the appropriate deployment configuration for your organization. Differentiate among Sandbox, …

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Malware Analysis Product Introduction

The AX appliance gives you hands-on control over a test environment where you can perform a deeper forensic investigation of advanced malware, zero-day, and targeted APT attacks embedded in common file formats and URLs.

Alert Administration

This lesson includes a tour of the FireEye Email Security portal, and introduces you to the dashboard as well as alerts, email searches, and email quarantine features. After completing this lesson, you should be able to: use the Dashboard to gain an understanding of email threats to your organization and monitor system performance through mail …

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