Email Security Health Check

In this installment of the Tips and Insights series, Matt Beyhl demonstrates how to perform a health check on a FireEye Email Security appliance.

Hi my name’s Matt Beyhl and I’m a Senior Systems Engineer here at FireEye. And today I’m going to be talking about the health check for our email security tool – server edition. This tool provides a streamlined means to check the system health and performance. So when you first log onto the email security tool this is what you see. This is the dashboard but to be able to go in and view the health check for this particular device what we’ll want to do is go over to the “About tab” and choose that. Then from there we’ll want to choose the “Health Check” tab. So at the very beginning this gives us the version information for the tool. So we can make sure that all of the content information for the tool all of the software versions are all up to date as expected. From there we can go into our guest images. Here we can go and make sure that all of the guest images are running the up to date guest images as expected. From there we can go into our systems information. And we can just confirm that this is the particular tool that we’re looking at, that 5400. And then from there we can see the number of VM’s that we’re analyzing versus the number of VM’s that are allowed. And that’ll tell us if we’re over utilizing the particular device at that particular moment. From there we can go in and see the hardware. From here we can see if there’s any sort of disk health issues or any sort of hardware issues and we can get a check up on that. Next we go to our DTI cloud. This is where we’re getting our dynamic threat intel. And so this is really important to be able to keep your device up to date. So here we want to make sure that everything’s enabled and OK and everything looks good here. And then next we can go in and make sure that we’re running the particular features as expected. These riskware or ATI, advanced threat intel, that if these are particular features that we were expecting to run that they’re enabled or that there are features that we want to make sure that we’re not running that they’re not enabled. Check back here for more tips and insights

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